Carla Trujillo Sedoan Reiki Master


Fascination and intrigue can hardly begin to describe the discovery and learning I have been experiencing about my life journey with Energy Work. And much to my surprise the more I delve into it the more I realize it actually started long before I was even remotely aware of what the journey was, how I would learn about it, and where it continues to take me.

Where It started...

I was born in Taos, a small Spanish village quietly nestled at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in northern New Mexico - "The Land of Enchantment". A small close knit community steeped in a rich Spanish culture where the hispanic cultural religious beliefs and the supernatural were always at odds but yet complemented one another in a way that opposites attract and some how manage to work in unison. On top of that our community neighbor was the Taos Pueblo where the native americans shared in the polarity of their religious customs and our hispanic cultural religious beliefs. Mix that all together and my childhood was filled with stories of magic and mystery.

The stories of, magic and faith, and of supernatural beings and holy entities always had my imagination piqued. And as a child there were questions... oh were there questions. But as cultural custom goes - having faith did not allow you to ask questions. Especially if it dealt with the counterbalance of any religious belief.

The two characters I found most fascinating were the curanderas (healers) and the brujas (witches - where all witches were considered evil) In our culture it is believed that both the curandera and the bruja work with the energies of the universe - one works with the light where as the other works with the dark. What intrigued me most was that even though they both worked outside the religion which was sacrilegious in itself, there was not only acceptance of the curandera but there was great reluctant respect.

To get a better sense of this cultural dichotomy not mention just a really exciting coming of age story I highly recommend reading the book "Bless me Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya

Skip ahead several years later...

The childhood questions never went away, and as I grew into adulthood the questions increased. My quest for answers kept bring me to "Energy". "Energy" was what gave the curandera and the bruja (which I also came to realize that not all witches are evil ) the base from which they worked.

But more important than the path my questions were leading me to there was an event that became one of those life changing pivotal experiences.

When my son Erik was two months old a series of heart defects were detected. The news was devastating since it would require open heart surgery. At the time I was not sure if the news that not only would he need open heart surgery but that they wanted to wait until he was at least 4 years of age when his body would be stronger was good news or just plain cruel. Eventually the four year wait turned out to be good news because this is where I became familiar with my gift.

Immediately after the initial shock of the harsh reality I instinctively would place my hands on Erik while putting him to bed for the evening and would call on Mother Mary for assistance and I could feel the energy flow from me to him. Soon the flow of energy began to feel stronger. brighter, and faster to the point that it would just swoosh into his body. When the first strong fluid flow of energy rushed into Erik's body I can remember thinking "WOW, something really big is happening". I could even see the energy moving around the ceiling in his room. That day was when I realized I had a gift that allowed me to tap into the energies of the universe - it was a gift of a healer.

Four years went by and the energy I was sharing with my son was full and abundant. The day of the surgery was a very special day on many levels - Erik's complex surgery was a success, his recovery time more than amazed the doctors, and I received a special message. Erik's story is an incredible one that I would be happy to share with you, so contact me if your are interested in hearing more.

My move to Sedona in 1993...

Even though I was comfortably working with energy I was not comfortable talking to others about it so my gift was kept to myself and my family - my immediate family (husband and children). I was not even comfortable sharing it with parents and siblings. This insecurity of sharing my ability to work with energy because of fear of what others might think was rooted in my childhood upbringing of cultural and religious beliefs.

Now I was in Sedona where there was a community of like minds that I could talk about and share my gift. Yet, I still kept the knowledge of my abilities within the confines of the "safe environment" where many friends and acquaintances outside of that environment had no idea that I was able to work with energy.

A very close friend of mine (Lynn Bunch - The Center for Intuitive Development) who was frustrated with me not doing what the universe sent me here to do told me I was unnecessarily caught up with the word "healer" as a description of what I did. So she suggested that if I felt I needed a title to help describe my energy work why didn't I go and get attuned to Reiki so that I had an "official" title. It made sense and I pursued my Reiki Master and Reiki Teaching certificate at Peace Place in Sedona, Arizona. To my surprise friends and family were more than supportive and happy of my self revealing news of energy work and becoming a Reiki Master.

I am now fully immersed in sharing my gift with others and freely living my truth and passion. I have never been more comfortable as to who I am and what I do. To finally be able to share with others my healing touch has brought pure pleasure, peace, and harmony into my life. But even more important than what I am personally experiencing are the experiences and benefits I am able to provide for others in helping them find balance in their lives. Thank you to each and every one of you that continue to be a part of my scared journey as a Reiki Master who provides natural healing through energy work.

And So It Is and So I Am.....