Why you should never doubt yourself...

Have you ever felt compelled to do something but you seconded guessed yourself? Have you ever had a thought that speaks to you so clear and concisely about what you need do... but in the very next instant the thought that follows your telling yourself "Really? You can't possibly be serious!" Our self talk is brutal and self defeating.

Well, during a Reiki session I got caught up in that defeatist self talk. I had started the Reiki session on a friend of mine. I heard myself say that we both needed to shake off some negative energy if we going to have a productive Reiki session.

My self dialogue went something like this:

Empowering Self: "You need to pause this session… leave the room and the two of you need to physically go shake off what ever is getting in the way - then you can come back in and resume the session."

Defeatist Self: "Really? You can't possibly be serious! You already started the session."

Good thing my empowering self felt pretty strong about what I needed to do. You know how it goes when your defeatist self casts that first challenge, your empowering self usually yields and that's the end of the dialogue.

Empowering Self: "No, you need to stop and go shake it off."

But my defeatist self just wanted to hang around and cause disruption and confusion.

Defeatist Self: "Really? You can't possibly be serious! Your friend is already comfortable and relaxed and you are really thinking of bothering her? That would not be professional. Your nuts."

Empowering Self: "This isn't going anywhere until you stop and go shake."

So, against my defeatist self's "better judgement" (now that's an oxymoron) I stopped the session. Told my friend that we needed to leave the room and physically go and shake negative energy off.....

When I told her she was so relieved... she said, "Great! because I can't relax."

What? she didn't think I was nuts!

We both left the room to shake off our negative energies. When we returned the Reiki session was perfect, beautiful and powerful.

At the time her response surprised me. As I write this I think - Really? I was surprised because my empowering self was right?

Who will you allow to make your decisions? Your empowering self or your defeatist self?

And, So It Is - Peace