What to expect for your Reiki Session


What you need to do at a Reiki Session

Relax, take a few deep breathes, quiet the mind and just be. That is all I will request from you during your Reiki session. Reiki takes over from there. As Reiki energy begins to enter your body feelings of deep relaxation and a state of peace and calmness start to replace stress and tension. People have said a Reiki treatment feels like: a warm feeling of liquid sunshine surrounding me a floating sensation outside my body a cleansing of heaviness and my favorite…… "It felt like my Angels were hugging me."


What Happens at a Reiki Session

Your Reiki treatment begins with you and me sitting back and discussing your intention or answering any question you my have about Reiki. I will then ask you to get comfortable on my Reiki table, close your eyes, relax and let go.

During a Reiki session I will open myself to the Reiki energies and share them with you. I will gently rest my hands on you in a series of positions from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Reiki can also be shared with no touch, holding my hands a few inches above the body will have the same results.

Each hand position is held for a few minutes as the energy flows. Most people feel warmth or heat from my hands - it is usually very relaxing and you may even find yourself falling asleep…. go with it.

Reiki energy works with your Spirit, Mind, and Body. It is those three areas that will draw upon the energy that you need to help bring balance and harmony to every part of your body's natural abilities to heal itself.

We are all unique - every Reiki session is unique. I can not tell you what you will experience during your Reiki session however I do know that your session will be exactly what you need at that time.

Experience the power of touch……..

tap into and empower your life force energy